WHALESHARK and any of its subsidiaries/affiliates (known as ‘us’ or ‘we’) appreciate that privacy is important to you. In this regard, we are dedicated to preserving your privacy and personal data which may be any type of information that allows you to be identified as an individual person, collected via apps or websites that have a link to the Privacy Policy (known as the Sites). The Privacy Policy details how we deal with and look after your data in connection with our Sites, in our capacity as controllers of your data. Please refer to our Terms for more detail about our online policies and Terms generally.

Information collected by us
WHALE SHARK collects your personal data on certain areas of our Sites when you register or interact with us or sign up for newsletters or alerts. This personal data varies and may include a range of information such as your name, address, email, telephone or fax numbers and background information. If you register with WHALE SHARK for alerts that you are agreeing to receive correspondence from us as subscribed via your email address given when you register with us. Only WHALE SHARK or any of its agents will contact you via this email address.

At times we may also collect information about any devices you may use to access our Sites. This may include such things as your IP address, identify of your device, web browser, browsing information gathered via cookies, pixels, gifs, web beacons and any other technology which may be similar (collectively referred to as ‘cookies’ or ‘cookie tracking technology’). We may also gather information with regard to how you use our Sites such as what you have looked at or searched for and viewed. This type of information collected will then be linked to our personal data given to us.

Using your information
With regard to the personal data that we may collect and use when we have your consent to do so, or where we have an interest in or legal basis for collecting such information. At times, the collection of this personal data may be necessary for us to operate our Sites to provide you with products or services. We may use your personal data to fulfil requests for information, process requests to take part in events, personalise content you receive or view, improve our services, send alerts or newsletters to you, analyse the performance of our site, block fraud, enforce Terms or use and laws, enforce WHALE SHARK agreements and any other purposes that you may request. Your personal data may be kept on file and then used when we contact you.

WHALE SHARK may use 1st and 3rd party cookies/cookie tracking technology to manage our Sites and services and generally collect analytics and forensic information with regard to how you use them. Information provided within this Privacy Policy about cookies also applies to all other cookie tracking technology used to manage our Sites or services and collect data as to how you use them. Information provided within this Privacy Policy with regard to cookies also applies to these tracking technologies.

Our Sites do not collect your personal data about your activities online to do with 3rd party websites or online services. ‘Do not track’ signals transmitted from web browsers do not apply to any of our Sites nor do we alter any of our collected data and use practices when a signal such as this is received.

How we use information gathered via mobile devices
With regard to mobile devices, WHALE SHARK may use 3rd party service providers to interpret non-personally identifiable activity by users to make good errors, analyse usage and generally improve our mobile apps. For instance, where mobile apps are involved, we may receive reports about devices used to access, items that have been viewed and similar information. We may also receive reports where certain errors occur. At no time do any of these 3rd party providers acquire information that is able to personally identify any user.

Transfers of data internationally
At times, personal data collected via our Sites may be transferred to our affiliates or subsidiaries in international locations as well as to 3rd party service providers placed elsewhere across the globe. This may involve countries where local laws differ and may provide fewer rights that you would normally have in your own country. At the same time, Sites may be hosted/viewed by WHALE SHARK or our 3rd party providers, anywhere across the globe. Where law requires, we put in place the necessary legal processes required to ensure protection of all personal data used by us or our subsidiaries/affiliates or 3rd party providers including when data is transferred to countries which are not the same as the one in which you live. You can receive further information about these legal processes, which may include EU Standard Contractual Clauses by getting in touch with us. It should be noted that when you use our Sites and provide information via these Sites, you are consenting to such transfers and hosting of information across borders.

At no time will WHALE SHARK transfer/disclose intentionally (and will take steps to prevent accidental or unauthorised disclosure) personal data belonging to you to any 3rd party unless you give consent. This may be for 3rd parties’ marketing purposes or similar, apart from as follows; WHALE SHARK may provide access to your personal data for 3rd parties engaged by us to provide us with specific services appertaining to our Sites, as long as these 3rd party providers agree to maintain total confidentiality and provide the same level of security and protection that would be provided by us.

At times, we may share personal data with 3rd party service providers who we use to provide functions and services for us and to enable us to interact effectively with you, such as processing information, surveys or communications. These 3rd party service providers are not allowed to use/disclose this personal data except to perform services for us or to comply with any requirements legally.

We will only ever disclose personal information about you if:

  • We have to do so by law
  • Law authorities or government officials demand it
  • We believe that we need to in order to stop physical/financial loss with regard to illegal activity/investigations
  • Disclosure will protect a person in a vital way
  • It will enforce our Terms
  • We need to protect our legal rights/services/property
  • It will stop fraud against WHALE SHARK or our partners/subsidiaries/affiliates
  • It will aid compliance/auditing or corporate governance
  • It is necessary in order to comply with applicable law

WHALE SHARK have in place processes that make sure that when personal data is processed by 3rd parties it is in line with this Privacy Policy and does all necessary to protect the integrity/confidentiality/availability of all personal data.

At times we may transfer or disclose personal data if an event occurs such as a merger, sale, re-organisation, assignment or any form of transfer of any part of our business.

Link to 3rd party Sites
WHALE SHARK may at times provide links to 3rd party websites or information as a service to those who use our Site. When you make use of these links you will leave our site. These links do not form any sort of endorsement/recommendation/sponsorship of the 3rd party of their website or information shown on their site. We are not responsible for your use of these 3rd party Sites and when you use them then you will be subject to the Terms and Privacy policies of the 3rd party Sites.

Social Networking
Our Sites may enable you to sign into social network Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you choose to associate your social network account with WHALE SHARK or log in to a WHALE SHARK account using your social network information, you are therefore providing permission to access details made available for that social network public profile. The information contained within this public profile may vary but may contain image, name, email, location etc. We may use this information received from your social network account as set out within the social networking site Terms and our Privacy policy. You should refer to the social network account for details as to what data may be shared with WHALE SHARK and any other apps used to manage this data, including details about your activity on our Sites. If at any time you wish to disconnect a social media account from WHALE SHARK then you need to look at the settings of that site and the provider.

We have in place acceptable levels of technology and security to protect all personal data against destruction, loss, alteration and misuse. Only personnel of WHALE SHARK and any 3rd party service providers may access this data and have to treat this data as confidential at all times. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will never access this personal data.

Data retention
We will retain any personal data for the length of the business relationship or for longer if we need to do so in order to protect ourselves against legal claims or use it for analysis, records or in order to comply with our data policies and processes. If you ask for us to delete your personal data then we will make reasonable attempts to do so. Should you require us to do this, please refer to the ‘Your Rights’ section of this policy.

Your rights
If allowed by local law, you may be able to ask for access to your personal data that we have collected should you need to modify or review it or ask us to delete it. You may also be able to ask for a copy of this data and have any errors corrected and in some circumstances, you may ask that we stop processing this personal data. If you would like to request access to this data or wish to discuss how we process it, please contact us by email. We will take the necessary steps to verify your identity in order to protect your security, such as asking for passwords or user ID before we grant you access to this data. We will make every attempt to comply with your request as we are required to do by law. Different laws may stop us from providing you with access to your data or fully complying with your request, depending upon circumstances such as where providing you with this data may reveal the identity of another person. We have the right to charge a fee for complying with you request where we may do so by law and may deny your request where it may be excessive or unfounded or objectionable according to law. We are also able to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority where required to do so by law.

You may unsubscribe from registration or mailing lists on any of our Sites. To do this, follow the instructions shown on the site where you have registered or subscribed or contact us by email.

Changes to Privacy Policy
When you use any of our Sites you are consenting to us collecting and storing your personal data as set out in this Privacy Policy. We may make changes to this Privacy Policy and will alert you to changes by updating it. If we make changes to this policy that increase our rights to use your data, we will ask for your consent via email of by posting information on our Site/s.