Upcoming workshop on May 10th, 2019 see format
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Learn how to pitch to top investors with acclaimed international pitch coach.  Gleb Maltsev Twitter
The goal of the workshop is to shape and sharpen your investor pitch or any stage presentation.
Not only that, there will be a pitch competition. Selected winner will be granted with pitching international investors on: online ‘Shark Day’ and an all-inclusive ticket to Lisbon Investment Summit which is taking place on June 6-7th, 2019. Lisbon Investment Summit.
  1. You’ll assemble your corporate storytelling from its fundamental anatomical.
  2. Learn to put yourself in the audience’s shoes to ask the right questions and analyze key messages.
  3. Discover the truth of preparation as the path to confidence and the value of ethos in rhetoric.
  4. Practice the mindfulness of warming up and readying yourself like an actor.
  5. Acquire the skill of delivering your script so naturally, it might as well have never existed.
Language: The Workshop is in English.
Time: Friday 10th of May, 2019 at 8:30-12:30
Lunch included between 12:30-13:30 
Online “Shark Day” Friday, May 31, 14:00-17:00
Spaces are limited. Get your ticket now HERE!
This workshop is for anyone who ever wished they were a confident, relaxed, and natural public speaker. Whether public speaking is something that you’ve always struggled with, or you’d like to make more of an impact on the pitching stage, this training will give you the tools to write and deliver a pitch that people will remember.
PRICE: 4997:- Sek (excluding VAT) per person
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Includes:  lunch & beverage.
LOCATION: Epicenter (click to view)
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm.
What kind of problem does this training fix? Why does this workshop exist? Professional-level presentations mean you have to be strategic.
This is a workshop for your story. Uncover your core messages, reinforce them with solid structure, and bring it together with confident, natural, compelling delivery. Get equipped with the troubleshooting tools to keep your talk from going off the rails — handling nerves, what to do when your mind goes blank, keeping your voice flexible and audible.


Gleb Maltsev

Pitch Coach
Gleb Maltsev listens to around 900 speeches a year ranging from a 60-second pitch to a 45-minute keynote. He’s trained presenters for industry-wide pitching showcases such as Slush, Latitude59, TechChill and LOGIN. He’s the co-founder of Fundwise, a founder-to-investor pitching platform with a 68% success rate and raising over 1 mln EUR for over a dozen projects.

Maria A. Dahrieh

Fundraising & Pitch training
Maria A. Dahrieh has more than 10+ years of international experience in business development and fundraising projects both for startups and fast growing companies such as Apple, Brighthandle, Bigbelly US, Wellness Telecom to name a few. Maria is an expert in investor relations and has a vast European and Asian network of investors.