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Leadership Branding Workshop with Annette Rosencreutz.
Lead yourself and others with impact and purpose, and learn to leverage your business and branding with this special hands-on workshop with an expert brand strategy advisor and author.
What is leadership branding and why is it so important?
Building your leadership brand is about leveraging both yourself and your business. It’s a well-coordinated co-branding that can give you the tools to lead with purpose and clarity. Using a range of techniques drawn from the latest psychology, to those used to mentally train top athletes, find out what you stand for and create a clear purpose that allows you to focus on what happens around you instead of what goes on inside you. Learn to define your own vision and platform, and build a code for decision-making that sets you in the right direction, making better decisions in a more agile way using the Brand Me methodology.
Language: The Workshop is in English.
Time: Thursday 27th of June, 2019 at 9:00-15:30
09.00 – 9:30 Brands want to become like people, and people like brands
A short introduction based on the latest brain research and trends, insights in psychology and branding in the context of current media and business landscape. Find out where the line between persona and branding lie, and how to set it to your advantage.
09.30 – 11:00 Brand Me Leader Definition
Based on a number of questions, you will get an outline of yourself and how you think as a leader. This workshop defines what type of leader you are and what drives you. Based on the results, you can further develop your leadership brand in the next phases.
11.00 – 14:00 Leadership Brand Mind Space Workshop
Leadership Brand Mind Space Workshop: Define what you stand for and how you want to be perceived. Individual work with defining your functional, social, mental and spiritual purpose and dimensions of meaning: what you stand for, where your drive comes from, and how to focus your energy to have authentic impact. Develop a sustainable brand in four dimensions that will help you stand solid when things get tough.
The workshop alternates individual work and group sessions where you will present your brand for the group and get feedback.
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch 
14:00 – 15:30  Vision workshop
What will be your position in 5-10 years from now? This unique workshop uses athlete training techniques enabling you to work on your vision in detail. Individual work and wrap-up together.
15.30 End of session.
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This workshop is for anyone who ever wished to explore their leadership style. It is for entrepreneurs and C-level executives who want to build a clearer leadership style and brand for him/herself, which helps communicating the company story as well as leading the company and team. To sharpen what you stand for yourself and how to build the right brand as company or personal that fits your style.
Price: 4200 sek (ex. VAT) request an invoice to info@whaleshark.eu
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Annette Rosencreutz

Leadership Branding
Annette Rosencreutz is a globally renowned brand strategy advisor, and author of ​Managing Brand Me​ (Pearson, London). She trains people on how to build leadership brands using her own specially-developed hands-on methodology which was modelled on the communicative entrepreneur. She has more than 15+ years of international experience in branding strategy. Annette has worked with a vast number of startups and fast growing companies. Except SME clients include Vodafone, Ericsson, Exxon, Deutsche Bank to name a few.