If you are a Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices or Corporate Investor, we offer scouting services all across the globe with focus on the Nordic region.  If you look around at any valuable networking event there is always a WhaleSharker present, continually scouting for new investments and not limited by any geographical limitation. This is done whilst roaming the ocean and hunting for elite investment opportunities.


  • Screening is carried out to a very high level and then verified by our WhaleShark advisors.
  • Companies make their way through our improvement diagnostic process and towards being WhaleShark investment ready and pre-qualified.
  • Our investor members have access to a broad network of selected and exceptional entrepreneurs as well as access to co-investment opportunities.


Going beyond deal sourcing, the aim is to produce a qualified deal flow in order to keep facilitating successful investments with the lowest degree of risk.
The WhaleShark expanded network enables us to gain an edge even before a deal comes to market; we are at the forefront of the mind of all within our network, building relationships with the target company’s management team and commencing due diligence early.  We believe in close and transparent relationships and a regular dialogue. By being an active apex hunter living in a world of digitalisation, we automate the process internally whilst keeping our eye on the active hunting.


Once your investment sweet spot is secure, we can build up a matching scenario of different portfolios and approaches, ensuring that no potential qualified leads remain undiscovered. With unparalleled access to international investors in our pipeline in need of co-investors, we can also look at including you. Our aim is to strengthen the investment bridge and syndication between international investors and European co-investors, enterprises and start-up ecosystems.  By doing so, we ensure that we only present co-investors that are relevant based upon your investment matching sweet spot/preferences.


We provide access to unique filtered leads, off-the-record workshops and customized events touching on innovation and disruption to deepen the investors’ understanding of entrepreneurs. Strengthening and building trusted relationships among members, we offer meet-ups with no geographical limitations. WhaleShark members enjoy the benefits of social relationship activities, predictions, insights and shared lessons learned during invitation-based events. Members are eligible for all activities. We are also able to provide you with access to publish your customized scouting on the WhaleShark related page upon request.