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The WhaleShark team work alongside entrepreneurs, identifying gaps in their offering and areas that require improvement. As sector experts and advisors, we function as a radar, filtering the companies and evaluating each of their skills from management and business performance through to communication skills. WhaleSharkers makes sure that entrepreneurs focus on execution plans, taking into account their progress of improvement, through from personal development to the overall health of the company.  We focus on team development, applying a hands-on approach from day one until exiting the program.
When you avail yourself of our customized advisory service, you will be working closely with skilled advisors and mentors via a one-on-one approach.  By making use of our filter feed process and passing through the funnel, we will produce an investment strategy tailored to bring you closer to your goals, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.  This will help when it comes to such things as fund or capital raising or investment strategy.
Our mission during the Pre-VC program is to empower entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential, supporting them to be totally investment-ready and ensuring they understand the investors terminologies and fundraising know-how.
We believe in co-working and synergy, collaborating with matching affiliate partners resources in order to provide access to interim expertise.
·       Tailored program. One-to-one mentor virtual assignments. (physical presence required for workshop)
·       We get you investment ready and qualified as low risk for investors
·       We provide you with a high level of clarity from an investor perspective
·       We focus on your business overall health to improve your chances to get funded
LANGUAGE: the program and application is in English.
Customized case per case. One to one.
Typically, we take account of pitch sessions to lean canvas, go-to-market strategies through to business models and mind-set transformation.  We will cover all important aspects. Once we are sure that there are no gaps, entrepreneurs are ready to pitch themselves. If any loopholes are identified, then our customized advisory services kick in. Whether clients are looking to attract assets, improve margins, or take their business in new directions, our advisors can help turn their vision into reality.
WhaleShark aim to select the most promising scaleups in their expansion phase. The time frame of the program varies up to 6 months and is customized based upon company needs and capabilities.
  • First or second time entrepreneurs
  • European based tech startup
  • Lack of experience in Venture Capital fundraising
  • Revenue-driven model
  • Early or later stage of internationalization
  • Seeking VC funding (€1M – €10M)
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