Our purpose is one of working alongside entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve balance mindset whilst placing them on the route to success.  Interacting with industry expert within a specific market, with the know-how and network to support the company’s expansion into new markets. We apply a hands-on approach that is utilised throughout Pre-VC program and filter feeder low degree of risk ventures.  We work with each client in order to get them investment-ready and capable of achieving successful fundraising round.

Not everyone will make it but you will find us caring and attentive throughout the process; think of it as being an educational platform for thought leaders.


We value strong teams, good revenue streams and kick-ass value proposition.
We only consider selected companies. Our entrepreneurs need to meet minimum investment criteria which we define our target amend as follow:
  1. € 250 k annual revenue
  2. preferably: previous angel or VC round & exited accelerator or incubator program
  3. validated product-market fit
  4. have started international expansion
  5. seeking seed, pre-A and A  VC rounds in growth capital up to €10m
Our unique fingerprint is typically applied when our WhaleShark advisory team screen selected companies.  We take a helicopter view, identifying business critical issues whilst studying company overall health, key metrics and other data to determine the underlying value and stability. This enables us to determine the fundamental values required in order to provide an edge in smart investments by making informed decisions at an early stage.The WhaleShark investors’ network invests in high-quality diverse investment opportunities in technology, spanning all segments and with no geographical limitation. These stages focus on growth, expansion, maturity and possible exit through to navigating the business lifecycle.


Dive with WhaleShark to get funded!
We work only with  strategic international investors and smart money. We scout and expand their outreach, providing deal flow where they have no access whilst eliminating liabilities.
We are results driven and relevant to every client due to our customized approach, whether by delivering in accordance with their expectations, diversifying strategies or providing quality insight for better-informed decisions.   We bring together world-class investors and investment opportunities, working as excellent filter feeders to connect investors with matching pioneers of opportunity.
When it comes to WhaleShark fundraising, WhaleShark do not present investment opportunities on behalf of entrepreneurs to investors. This is because investors prefer to be in contact directly with entrepreneurs.  For this reason, we only provide entrepreneurs with the tools needed to enable the pitching meeting with the matching investors to take place.   At the same time, WhaleShark can support in facilitating the introductions aligned with business investment strategy.
WhaleShark is king of the ocean and we show this by focusing on delivering results to the portfolio of companies we select to work with that have achieved the WhaleShark Stamp and are investment-ready. Once that is done, and the entrepreneurs are ready to pitch themselves, we prepare them, using all materials and tools required but only once we have done the DNA match with our pool of investors. They are then considered ready for WhaleShark capital raising.
The combination of our ecosystem knowledge and deep understanding enables us to take control of a vast global network that extends into Europe. By championing quality over quantity, we are able to hand-pick tomorrow’s winning business ventures today.


WhaleShark aim to select the most promising startups and scaleups. The time frame of the program varies up to 8 months and is customized based upon company needs and capabilities.
Benefits of the program:
  • Tailored program. One-to-one mentor virtual assignments. (physical presence required for workshop)
  • We get you investment ready and qualified as low risk for investors
  • We provide you with a high level of clarity from an investor perspective
  • We focus on your business overall health to improve your chances to get funded
The WhaleShark team work alongside entrepreneurs, identifying gaps in their offering and areas that require improvement. As sector experts and advisors, we function as a radar, filtering the companies and evaluating each of their skills from management and business performance through to communication skills. WhaleSharkers makes sure that entrepreneurs focus on execution plans, taking into account their progress of improvement, through from personal development to the overall health of the company.  We focus on team development, applying a hands-on approach from day one until exiting the programme.  We also follow up on our investors’ portfolio companies after investment has taken place in order to make sure there is a corporate governance in place and that companies perform as planned.
We take account of pitch sessions to lean canvas, go-to-market strategies through to business models and mind-set transformation.  We will cover all important aspects. Once we are sure that there are no gaps, entrepreneurs are ready to pitch themselves.  Once they have all the data needed to present to investor meetings, they are ready to apply for the ‘WhaleShark Stamp’.  If any loopholes are identified, then our customized advisory services kick in. Whether clients are looking to attract assets, improve margins, or take their business in new directions, our advisors can help turn their vision into reality.
When you avail yourself of our customized advisory service, you will be working closely with skilled advisors and mentors via a one-on-one approach.  By making use of our filter feed process and passing through the funnel, we will produce an investment strategy tailored to bring you closer to your goals, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.  This will help when it comes to such things as fund or capital raising or investment strategy.
Our passion shows as we guide entrepreneurs towards the path of success and knowledge, sharing and providing clear advice with regard to investments, mentorship and educational programmes.  Our mission as a company is to empower entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential, supporting them to be totally investment-ready and ensuring companies are low risk for international investors. We do this by supporting and accelerating growth for start-ups, scale-ups and scalers who come to us on a referral basis or are hand-picked by our brand ambassadors, advisors or affiliates.
We believe in co-working and synergy, collaborating with matching affiliate licensed corporate finance companies or investment bankers in order to provide a more complex, restructuring capital structure advisory service.


Bridging the gap between nordic and European scaleups
We accelerate growth with our business development focus being solely on the international market and exponential growth, our main USP is that we are able to cross all cultural boundaries.
 Focusing on disruptive innovation, we only work with initiatives who have a great international growth potential. We filter, qualify and screen the leads and then, based on the market analysis, execution plan and exit plan, we work with those selected to create a partnership arrangement for entry into the chosen new market. 
With access to a tremendous in-house portfolio of global companies, our aim is to monetise both parties by delivering opportunities for growth focused on internalization.
We work only with initiatives that possess great market exposure and where we can increase their customer development base. We also choose those where we can deliver a fruitful partnership, networking with international advisors to facilitate cross-cultural ventures.
When you choose WhaleShark to help you with business development, we will monetise the connections of all parties, identifying any loopholes that may exist from exiting incubator/accelerator programmes.  By preventing failure, we enable you to scale-up faster.  The result is a win-win scenario, focused entirely on the international market. 


Just like real-life filter feeders
WhaleShark play an important role in clarifying the position of start-ups, scale-ups and scalers and are therefore considered ecosystem engineers.  Our unique fingerprint at WhaleShark is comprised of our filter feeders programme, management team, business model, value proposition, market opportunity, intellectual property, company financial status and capital structure. We keep our investors ahead of tomorrow. We do this by qualifying each of the leads and giving them the investment-ready ’Whale Shark Stamp’, making use of a hands-on approach to match them with investors. 
Just as we all possess a unique fingerprint, we match each of our investor’s requirements with proprietary deal flows. This is done by carefully selecting and sifting through initiatives that suit and partnering them precisely to the most suitable mentors/advisors/investors.
As skilled agnostic investment and accelerator advisors, at Whale Shark we harness the power around us and use it to create staple and unique deal flow. Whilst roaming the ocean of opportunity, scouting new investments, we are able to spot the most valuable prospects, focusing only on those of quality and adding to our database. When you have the affable Whale Shark by your side no-one can hold you back as you swim forward, inspired and galvanized by the benefit of our knowledge sharing and matching, capital raising, improve diagnosis and investment services, supporting companies and getting them ‘investment ready’ via the Whale Shark Stamp.
Wherever the real growth opportunities lie, we go after them, making use of a model based upon involvement, synergies and sharing.


If you fall into the category of being a WhaleShark scale-up, then you will have already been invested in one round in the past; either a VC or angel round. You have a validated product market fit. You will need to have revenue of between €2,5 M and more than 10 employees.  Whilst your valuation is not the most important thing, it is fundamental that you have a robust team, sound execution plan and suitable market size. If you are seeking smart money and a strategic investor this is the right platform for you.