Our purpose is one of working alongside entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve balance mindset whilst placing them on the route to success.  Interacting with industry expert within a specific market, with the know-how and network to support the company’s expansion into new markets. We apply a hands-on approach that is utilised throughout our various programs. We work with each client in order to get them investment-ready and capable of achieving successful fundraising round.
Our unique fingerprint is typically applied when our WhaleShark advisory team conduct pre-investor due diligence.  We take a helicopter view, identifying business critical issues whilst studying company overall health, key metrics and other data to determine the underlying value and stability. This enables us to determine the fundamental values required in order to provide an edge in smart investments by making informed decisions at an early stage. The WhaleShark investors’ network invests in high-quality diverse investment opportunities in technology, spanning all segments and with no geographical limitation. These stages focus on growth, expansion, maturity and possible exit through navigating the business lifecycle.


We value strong teams, global expansion and good revenue streams.
We only consider selected companies. Our entrepreneurs need to meet minimum investment criteria which we define our target amend as follow:
  1. € 250 k annual revenue
  2. preferably: previous angel or VC round & exited accelerator or incubator program
  3. validated product-market fit
  4. have started international expansion
  5. seeking seed, pre-A and A  VC rounds in growth capital up to €10m


If you fall into the category of being a WhaleShark scale-up, then you will have already been invested in one round in the past; either a VC or angel round. You have a validated product market fit. You will need to have revenue of between €2,5 M and more than 10 employees.  Whilst your valuation is not the most important thing, it is fundamental that you have a robust team, sound execution plan and suitable market size. If you are seeking smart money and a strategic investor this is the right platform for you.