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You can never be too prepared to get investment ready!

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We work only with founding and executive team.
WhaleShark does not invest in companies directly. There are no strings attached and we do not take any equity (%), only charging a consulting fee.
WhaleShark has a network of international investors. We carry out scouting and match against our pool of investors once companies are investment ready.
We only work with carefully selected companies with a maximum number of participants being eight per group.
WhaleShark works across all sectors and with no geographical limitation. However, our areas of focus are technology, innovation and disruption across all industries with our main focus being on the Nordic region.
This will vary and will be individually based upon each company’s capabilities and needs. A personalised proposal will be sent to selected companies after they receive approval to join the program.
Note. There are no strings attached. WhaleShark  does not hold any shares.  We purely provide consulting services. This takes between 6-8 months depending upon the business’s improvement diagnostic complexity and capabilities.
We get you investment ready. And certify you as low degree of risk for investors. When you exit our program you will be so much stronger. Mind-set transformation will take place. You will be enabled to compete and win, forming a kick-ass team.
The clock is ticking and it won’t be long before its time to seek investors.  The question is, are you ready for the pre-vc programme and if not, why not?  If you are in any doubt as to why you should make the effort, here are the three major reasons why you should get your company ready and raring to go and in good shape, able to apply for our forthcoming programme
Three reasons why:
Those entrepreneurs selected will benefit from:
  1. Having the opportunity to get investment ready as we work to qualify you as a low risk for potential investors and improve your investment readiness.
  2. The possibility of internationalisation as we work with you to eliminate cross-cultural boundaries between investors and possible synergetic partners within your targeted market.
  3. Team mind-set transformation which will be strengthened before you exit the accelerator programme.
And it doesn’t stop there!
In addition, all coaching provided by WhaleSharkers will be first class as we partner with you and enable you to access our knowledge bank made up of information provided by us and key industry experts.  No matter the structure of your team, our program is flexible enough to adapt to suit your needs.
There is no time like the present to act so put a date in your diary now.  Upload your company now!
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